We at Sharpener believe that a strong idea leads to memorable design. In fact we believe that, it's the idea that is the soul, while a suitable design is the pair of legs that would take the idea forward. So, Sharpener will exert towards proud work that merges ideas with crafted and balanced design. We stand to believe that good design is an imaginative expression, with a job of reaching out through methods of production. Above all, it should be honest to its purpose. It should have life, breathing. Why 'Sharpener'? Simply because its a hard grueling taskmaster, who's only job is to force you to stay sharp and chiseled. It will help you write your own fortune, better. Being small gives us the luxury of doing so. It gives us the flexibility and freedom to pursue unusual directions. We are lively and prompt. Focused. Involved. Excited and in love with design. We don't have any room for, large and lengthy boardroom meetings,misunderstandings and mismanagements. And it clearly shows in our work. Our work clearly shows an extensive touch of human approach rather than the trendy cold slick design. We prefer to get our hands dirty in creating design that reaches and touches the roots. We prefer to brood and toil over at the idea level before we get into action. We do it only when we are sure of ourselves. We understand beauty and novelty. Richness and minimalism. Complexity and simplicity. Chaos and order. And that brings us to what we are. We are designers by design. Because there is nothing else we'd rather be.

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